El Mante adjoints to the north with the municipality of  Gómez Farías, where you can find «El Cielo», a natural reserve. «El Cielo», one of the most important reserves in the world, was recognized by the  United Nations as a protected area and considered as a reserve of the humanity.

In «El Cielo» inhabits more than 255 species of resident and 175 migratory birds, reptiles, amphibians, bats and many other wild animals. «El Cielo», as a zone of ecological transition, includes diverse types of climates, one can observe an extraordinary combination of flora with species of the mountain mesophilic forest, the temperate forest of pine-oak, the tropical forest and the arid plain. This natural reserve is only 35 minutes away from our city El Mante.

El Mante is located on the south of the state, 158 km northwest or two hours from the city of Tampico. The city of Tampico has the famous MIRAMAR beach and is known for its rich food specializing in seafood, it has large shopping centers, a city with a great story!

El Mante shares the south border with «Ciudad Valles» in the state of San Luis Potosí; where one of the most famous tourist places in Mexico is located: «La Huasteca Potosina», which is only about 45 minutes from our city. This area is well known for its natural waterfalls, regional cuisine and Nahuatl ethnicity. It is an adventure zone where you will find natural paradises, such as «Micos», which is a set of 7 natural waterfalls which you can explore in different ways.

In the municipality of «Aquismon», you will find one of the largest waterfalls in Latin America called «Tamul», with an impressive fall of 105 meters.


The Well of «Las Golondrinas», considered one of the 13 wonders of the world, is known to be the sixth deepest abyss in the world, with a free fall of 376 meters and a depth of 512 meters. Here you can see thousands of swallows and parakeets in a surprising ritual, planning at a certain time in the morning and afternoon, performing one of the most beautiful shows.