El Mante

Some data say that the word Mante comes from three Nahuatl words «man», «atl» and «tetl», which  respectively mean «place of», «water» and «stone», so the word Mante would mean «place of water in the stone”  in clear allusion to the birth of the Mante River in the Sierra de Cucharas.

El Mante has distinguished itself by welcoming our sister city of Boulder Colorado, that together with the Government carry out a great social work for the community.

Also, El Mante is the city that has received the largest amount of exchange youth. For example, in 2015 El Mante hosted 15 young people from different countries and every year we receive young people!

There are water channels through and around the city, that give the natural environment that predominates in the region. We are a city with a lot of vegetation and water.

El Mante is a small city but with a great infrastructure, we have hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, cinema, restaurants of all kinds of food, Mexican, international, and a rich regional gastronomy.